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Ingevald - descendants
Source: "De for åt Amerika" by Olof Ljung
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The forefather was Ingevaldus Laurentius and he is mentioned 1564. His origin name was Ingewald Larsson and he were probably the first protestant minister in Ör parish when he arrived there around 1540. Under the king Gustav Vasa's hard regement a small parish - Mustasäter - was redrawn and merged with what now is Ör parish. In that connection the new parish got two farms by the name of Berga. The farm that was situated in Mustasäter was named after a former owner, Assarby-Berga and Berga in Ör got the name, Ingevalds-Berga. Ingewaldus Laurentius was the owner of Ingevalds-Berga, Ör. The farm has since then been owned by the same family for at least 400 years maybe even longer. Therefor is the farm Ingevalds-Berga one of the oldest family farms in the region.

"Ingevaldssläkten", part I and II is a study 1700 pages long and which together with Part III which is still in the process of being written covers over 11.000 families. The study is made by Olof Ljung.

Literally thousands of members of this family emigrated to America where today tens of thousands of "Ingevald descendants" now live and all have their roots in Ingvalds-Berga. So even descendants of 'Johan and Sofie in Askemyren'. There would be a large organization with clubs in every state if one knew all the people with connections to the people of Ingevalds Berga!
Many more or less famous people belong to this line, among them the Archbishop Johan Olof Wallin and General John Ernest Dahlqvist. Wallin (1779 - 1839) was a psalm writer whose psalms were well known by all the Swedes who emigrated to America. On Christmas morning the greatest moment in church was when everyone stood up and sang Wallin's well known psalm:

"Var hälsad, sköna morgonstund, Som av profeters helga mun, Är oss bebådad vorden! Du stora dag, du sälla dag, På vilken himlens välbehag Ännu besöker jorden! Unga Sjunga Med de gamla, Sig församla, Jordens böner Kring den störste av dess söner."

Johan Olof Wallin

General John Ernest Dahlqvist and Johan Olof Wallin came from the same branch of the Ingevald family and the relative they had in common was Märta Ingevaldsdotter whos grandfather was born at Ingevalds-Berga.
General Dahlqvist was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1896 and his father Eric Dahlqvist had emigrated from Grinstad in Dalsland to Minnesota in 1882. Eric Dahlqvist - who took his name from "Dalsland" - studied to become an engineer but died an accidental death in Minneapolis in 1909. He was father to the general who during the Second World War became Chief of Staff under General Eisenhowers and was later appointed Continental Army Commander, the highest military office in the United States under head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Also two of Monnesotas governors, Luther W. Youngdahl and Wendell R. Anderson are descended from Ingewaldus.

When we were at the museum and genealogical research archives in Mellerud, Dalsland we had a talk with Olof Ljung. Suddenly he said: "I have to show you something!" We leave for another room and he shows us an old wooden box. He says: "This box has belonged to Ingevaldus Laurentius. It was manufactured in the 16th century out of wood  from 14th century. I know because I have had the wood 'tested'."
He opened the box and showed us an old parchment. The rest of what had been in the box was now in safe custody. Olof Ljung asked Lars-Åke (who is an Ingevald descendant) to lay his hand on the box - to feel the wings of history. I think that was some kind of feeling!

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